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Volcanic Hazard Center (CPV)

Volcanic eruptions are often dramatic events on the Earth, capable of changing the landscape for tens or hundreds of square kilometers and producing annual or multi-year climatic variations on the entire planet. In the past, eruptions and related phenomena have forced tens of thousands of people who live in volcanically active territories to abandon their homes, even in Italy. Very often, however, volcanic activity is anticipated by precursory signals which, if detected and analyzed in time, allow the exposed populations to be alerted. In order to have enough time to prepare effective mitigation measures, it is necessary to improve our ability to observe the physical and chemical parameters that characterize the state of the volcano and - hopefully - discover new ones to monitor in the future. Progress in this field is possible only by launching new studies and research, as well as by improving the forms of collaboration and communication between scientists, civil protection authorities and inhabitants.

Since 2016, the Volcanic Hazard Center (CPV) has coordinated INGV research on volcanic hazard issues and has promoted the improvement of calculation models and databases that are necessary for the definition of short, medium and long-term volcanic hazard scenarios . In particular, the CPV ensures the transfer of these results to the Civil Protection Department (DPC) in order to allow the elaboration of effective strategies for the mitigation of volcanic risk.

The activities of the CPV take place within the framework of the Convention stipulated between INGV and the DPC and are aimed at the development and implementation of operational tools and methodologies, useful for volcanic surveillance purposes. The results of this activity guarantee and constantly improve the functioning of the volcanic risk warning system of a certain area (exposed to these phenomena) and facilitate the emergency planning activities carried out by the civil protection authority.

What is Volcanic Hazard?  

Planning activities for the three-year period 2019-2021