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L'INGV's scientific publishing includes international journals "Annals of Geophysics"And"Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences” and the technical-scientific magazines: “The INGV Editorial Series“ composed of Geophysics notebooks, Miscellaneous INGV e INGV Technical Reports.
The open access policy of all journals allows for free use and redistribution of content, with authors retaining copyright sec

annals og geo
Annals of Geophysics (Editor in Chief: Paula Montone): is an international journal accessible online and subject to peer review. It aims to promote the free dissemination of scientific knowledge to encourage sharing and collaboration within the relevant community. It is, in fact, among the very few in the Geophysics sector to be a "Diamond Open Access", with publication costs supported entirely by institutional funding from INGV, both for authors and readers. Publishes original articles on several areas of geophysics, including seismology, volcanology, oceanography and climatology.

Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences (Editor in Chief: Silvia Peppoloni): created to satisfy the growing demand for spaces for discussion on the issues of geoethics and social geosciences, perceived as crucial for the years to come. One of a kind, the journal aims to relaunch the role of geosciences as key disciplines in defining urgent global problems, promoting a multidisciplinary dialogue between the scientific and humanities communities to offer a broad and organic perspective on issues of planetary scope. The journal represents at the same time the culmination of years of work on the issues of geoethics and the starting point for consolidating geoethics as a global ethic towards the Earth system.

Notebooks   technical reports   Miscellaneous
The INGV Editorial Series (Editor in Chief: Milena Moretti): include the scientific series Geophysics notebooks and the technical-scientific series INGV Technical Reports e Miscellaneous INGV. Also in this case, the topics of interest cover studies in the field of geosciences with particular regard to environmental issues, seismology and volcanology. Relevance is also given to topics of transversal interest such as those typical of the Third Mission and those of an administrative-managerial nature. The editorial model is that of the monograph with single-blind peer review.