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Join INGV and the Genoa Science Festival to explore the wonderful world of Earth sciences and discover the vital role they play in our daily lives. 

Don't miss this incredible opportunity for science and fun!

The Genoa Science Festival awaits you until November 5 with a rich program of activities, workshops and shows dedicated to scientific dissemination.

For the occasion, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) participates with a series of unmissable initiatives: from multimedia exhibitions to virtual reality trips, from the reconstruction of urban environments exposed to natural risks to the conference-show on two of Italy's active volcanoes. 

Unique occasionkeynote of the President of the Institute, prof. Carlo Doglioni, on the footprints of the Earth's gradients Sunday, October 29

Finally, INGV will participate with the Department of Civil Protection in the activities of the "Io non massimo" project.

Here are all the appointments with INGV researchers:


Geosciences pose | Photographic-Multimedia Exhibition and Travel in Virtual Reality

From Thursday 26 October to Sunday 5 November 

An immersion in the world of natural imprints left by geological and atmospheric events. The aurora, lava flows, and other natural manifestations leave an important imprint on the environment. 

The exhibition offers the public an immersive virtual reality experience and spectacular blow-ups to better understand these footprints and their origins. 

Urban Developments and Natural Risks | Laboratory

From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 November

A laboratory where participants will explore urban transformations and human influences on the morphology of the territory, with a focus on Genoa, Rome, Naples and Palermo. Natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and seismic waves will be discussed, offering a deeper understanding of scientific concepts that influence daily life.


Earth's Gradient Imprints | Lectio Magistralis with INGV President Carlo Doglioni

Sunday 29 October, 11am

The lectio magistralis held by the President of INGV, Carlo Doglioni, addresses the topic of the effects of physical gradients on the Earth. These gradients are responsible for plate movement, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 

The meeting examines the impact of these gradients on the environment, human and animal populations, offering a better understanding of natural phenomena and associated risks.


Volcanoes with a certain character | Etna and Stromboli compared | Conference-Show

Thursday 2 November, 19pm

A conference-show that offers a unique perspective on the personality of volcanoes. With a detailed analysis of two Italian volcanoes, Etna and Stromboli, viewers will be able to discover the differences in shape, type of eruptions, and other peculiarities that make each volcano unique. An opportunity to learn more about these fascinating natural phenomena.



Extreme events that leave their mark | Interactive exhibition

From Thursday 26 October to Sunday 5 November

Events such as earthquakes, floods and landslides leave profound signs in the natural and built environment, recognizable even after a long time: just look around carefully. As we will discover in this exhibition, the traces of extreme events intuitively outline the danger of the territory and describe sudden and traumatic changes in the communities involved. They are real wounds that remind us that we live in a fragile environment and that we will have to continue to deal with events of that size in the future. 

Through a multimedia exploration experience we will take a journey in Italy on the trail of extreme events among abandoned villages, to be able to recognize the fragility of the territory, identify the areas that may be most exposed to risk and learn to coexist with natural events.

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