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In today's day Pierluigi Biondi, Mayor of L'Aquila, he was a guest of the Rome branch of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).

Received by the President of INGV Carlo Doglioni, by the Director General Jair Lorenco, and by the Directors of the Earthquakes and Environment Department, Claudio Chiarabba and Massimo Chiappini, he visited the Operations Room in Rome where the continuous activities that the Institute carries out for seismic monitoring and surveillance and tsunami warning throughout the national territory and part of the Mediterranean were illustrated, as well as the institute's commitment to volcanic hazards and environmental issues.

"Welcoming the Mayor of L'Aquila is particularly significant for INGV: it was important for us to illustrate to the highest representative of the L'Aquila community how much and how the institute operates throughout the national territory, and the commitment it is making in Abruzzo. Research in the field of geosciences is indispensable for understanding natural risks and for developing the most effective measures for their prevention; moreover, with the aim of enhancing and increasing scientific research activities at the INGV headquarters in L'Aquila, I would like to sincerely thank Mayor Biondi for the sensitivity and willingness shown to create a new modern and effective INGV headquarters in the Abruzzo capital”, declared the President Carlo Doglioni.

In the words of Mayor Pierluigi Biondi "In such difficult days as the ones we are experiencing in which the whole country, and even more Emilia-Romagna to which all our closeness goes, is devastated by the fury of nature, in the headquarters of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, in Rome, we went back to discussing prevention, research and monitoring. Crucial issues for the safety of the community and that our territory feels as a priority. I thank the President, Carlo Doglioni, and his very strong team for the welcome and for the precious discussion on the activities carried out by the research institution".