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Today, at the headquarters of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) in Rome, the President of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), Prof. Carlo Doglioni, and the General Commander of the Port Authorities -Coast Guard, Admiral Inspector Chief (CP) Nicola Carlone, signed the Memorandum of Understanding which renews the collaboration sanctioned in 2009 between INGV and the Coast Guard.
The Protocol, with a duration of 8 years, determines the collaboration between the two Organizations in the face of the needs deriving from the respective institutional activities, sanctioning the general principles of mutual support at a national and international level.
INGV and the Coast Guard will therefore continue to collaborate in the technical-scientific fields in strategic sectors, such as Remote Sensing and Operational Oceanography, and in further topics of common interest such as tsunamis and sea level rise.
The previous agreements have consolidated the synergy between the two entities also through the performance of joint missions on board the AW139 helicopters of the Catania Coast Guard Aircraft Base, for the conduct of air campaigns on volcanic areas. Added to this is the sharing and exchange of technical-scientific knowledge, data, forecasting models and instrumentation.
The collaboration also provides for the performance of important information, dissemination and training activities aimed at the community: information and dissemination on the issues of sea level rise as a consequence of climate change, subsidence phenomena of the Italian coasts and the related environmental impact ; training activities on topics such as tsunamis and the related emergency procedures in the event of an alert.
Further cooperation proposals will concern the studies of the seismicity of the seabed, submarine landslides and bathymetric, gravimetric and magnetometric surveys, for the monitoring of the Italian coasts and to deepen the knowledge acquired up to now.

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