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With seven researchers, theNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) confirms its presence in the new world ranking of the best international scientists among all scientific disciplines.
The ranking is drawn up every year by Stanford University on the entire international scientific community. The evaluation is based on the statistical analysis of the quantity, quality and diffusion of scientific publications over 6 million researchers of universities and research centers from all over the world, in 22 scientific fields and 174 different subfields, from medicine to archaeology, from astrophysics to geology, with updated data of standardized citations as of 2022.
The President appears in the general ranking for INGV Carlo Doglioni (in place no. 15.224), Giuseppe Etiope (no. 30.183), Giovanni Chiodini (no. 39.708), Antonio Costa (no. 59.276), Paolo Papale (no. 70.630), Guido Ventura (no. 98.467) and Fabrizio Galadini (n. 101.540), who stood out for the scientific impact of their research considered over the course of their careers up to December 2022.
An award that rewards the constant commitment and international scope of INGV researchers, who have always been committed to the development and progress of scientific knowledge for the benefit of the community.

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