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An important event for the scientific community to share the most recent results of the ONT's research and service activities and reflect on the crucial role that the Observatory plays in protecting the country from earthquakes and tsunamis.

It was held yesterday 14 November, at the Rome headquarters of theNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), the Day ofNational Earthquake Observatory of INGV (INGV-ONT).

The event represented the opportunity for a technical-scientific discussion on the many and multiple topics that find space at the ONT on the most recent results of the research carried out, on technological developments and on services aimed at the community. 

After the institutional greetings of the President of the INGV, Carlo Doglioni, and the speech of the Director of the ONT, Salvatore Stramondo, the day was divided between a large poster area and multiple exhibits.

The ONT is the largest section of the INGV and deals with issues related to earthquakes and tsunamis. Its activities focus on three main areas:

-> Seismic surveillance, with the management of a network of over 500 stations that monitor seismic activity in Italy and the Mediterranean. The data collected by the instruments is used to detect earthquakes, to estimate their magnitude and location and to develop warning forecasts.

-> Earthquake research, which the ONT carries out on all aspects of earthquakes, from seismogenesis to seismology, from seismic modeling to seismic risk mitigation.

-> The tsunami warning service, which the ONT manages for the Mediterranean area and allows the Civil Protection service to be promptly warned of an incoming tsunami, generated by a strong earthquake.

For further information, the list of contributions presented and the layout plan of the posters and exhibits are available on the ONT website 

Useful links: ONT Day 2023

LINK video interview with President Carlo Doglioni: https://youtu.be/ifX8oJiFCrM