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Yesterday, 9 May, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) welcomed the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Government for post-earthquake reconstruction 2016, Sen. Guido Castelli, to its Rome office.

Received by the President of INGV, Carlo Doglioni, and by the Director General, Jair Lorenco, he visited the Rome Operations Room where the continuous activities that the Institute carries out for seismic monitoring and surveillance and tsunami warning were illustrated on all the national territory and part of the Mediterranean.

" È It was important for the INGV scientific community to explain to the Commissioner the continuous seismic, volcanic and tsunami warning activities that the Institute has been implementing without interruption since 1983. The scientific research necessary for a full understanding of natural hazards is the engine that animates our Organization and which allows us to be as effective as possible in the analysis of the extreme phenomena that occur in Italy and in our seas”, declared the President Carlo Doglioni.

"INGV has completed the first public study on active and capable faults in the central Apennines, thanks to which we can finally have in-depth knowledge to clearly indicate to citizens and municipalities where they can rebuild and where instead it is necessary to relocate for safety reasons. This precious collaboration will be further strengthened to implement, also thanks to the Superbonus 110%, a safe and sustainable reconstruction, an indispensable basis for the rebirth of our territories", declared Guido Castelli, Government Commissioner for the Repair and Reconstruction of the 2016 earthquake.

INGV Visit Commissioner for Castles Reconstruction