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The memorandum of understanding between the two scientific bodies for the promotion and enhancement of the study of the Earth has been signed

The memorandum of understanding between the University of Rome, UnitelmaSapienza and the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) was signed in Rome.

The agreement, aimed at promoting educational and scientific activities, also provides for the activation of new training proposals in collaboration between the two institutions. The agreement was signed by Antonello Folco Biagini, Rector of UnitelmaSapienza, and Carlo Doglioni, President of INGV.

"It is a great pleasure to sign the partnership with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, an institution of great prestige which promotes and carries out, also within the framework of European Union programs and international bodies, research activities in the field of geophysical disciplines, of volcanology and their applications. Today universities have been transformed and digital can widen the audience of those who benefit from university teachings, in the context of a new interdisciplinarity”, declared the Rector of UnitelmaSapienza.

"The implementation of research and study programs with UnitelmaSapienza aimed at the development of innovative projects in the field of scientific research and the legal aspects related to the work of the personnel who work daily as sentinels of natural risks in Italy and in the Mediterranean will be of great help to clarify the role of research in the important choices that must be made by the world of science in times of seismic or volcanic emergency, but also for preventive planning in times of peace. The agreement, which concerns in particular the issues of defense against natural risks and related responsibilities, addresses the study of important topics in the training of new generations of scientists”, declared the President of INGV.

"The collaboration between jurists and the scientific world, to try to circumscribe - in a clear, reasonable and respectful way of constitutional principles and supranational disciplines - the scope of responsibilities, including criminal ones, to which scientists, technicians and civil protection operators are exposed , in the implementation of Early Warning and rapid response systems for earthquakes and tsunamis, is of fundamental importance, as the jurisprudential cases on the subject also reveal", affirmed Vincenzo Mongillo, full professor of criminal law at UnitelmaSapienza, and Alessandro Amato, research manager of INGV, scientific directors of the first research agreement stipulated between the two bodies.

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