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A precious window on the history of Catania volcanology

The worlds of academia and cinema come together to celebrate a unique chapter in the history of volcanology and cinema. 

Monday 11 September at 15pm, At the Hall of the Fallen of Nassirya of the Senate of the Republic, in Rome, the presentation of the book will be held "The cinema (tograph) seen from Etna. Jean Epstein and the 1923 eruption" edited by Mauro Patanè and Laura Vichi and published by Fondazione Mediterranea GB Morgagni. 

The event is promoted by Senator Pietro Lorefice and will be broadcast live on Senate webTV.

The book, supported by the Confraternity of S. Egidio Abate with the patronage ofNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), explores the union between the scientific study of Etna's eruptions, photography and cinematographic art, thanks to the extraordinary images of Gaetano Ponte and the filming of the French director Jean Epstein during the 1923 eruption. 

The 1923 eruption was an event of great impact and for this reason it was carefully documented by eminent scholars, leaving a scientific heritage of high documentary value. This period was crucial for the history of Catania volcanology and the population of Etna witnessed an imposing lateral eruption, characterized by a sequence of seismic shocks and the formation of a system of eruptive fissures that tore open the north-eastern side of the volcano . The lava flow extended for kilometers causing damage to the surrounding communities, threatening the town of Linguaglossa and requiring the intervention of scholars to understand and monitor the event.

The authors Mario Patanè and Laura Vichi, together with a prestigious panel of speakers including Senator Pietro Lorefice (European Policies Commission), Barbara Floridia (President of the Rai Parliamentary Supervision Commission), Luciano Cantone (Chamber of Deputies Transport Commission), Cristina Del Tutto (Director of Parliamentary Radio), Stefano Branca (Director of the INGV Etna Observatory), Roberto Chiesi (Pier Paolo Pasolini Study Center) and Rosa Cardona (Barcelona Film Library), will delve into the history of this important eruption of Etna and the its impact on science and cinema.

The event is open to media representatives and accredited people, subject to availability. The entire conference will be broadcast live on the official channels of the Senate of the Republic.

get accredited, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Entrance directions to the Senate Palace, on the poster.

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