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Thanks to the joint work of INGV and IGM, the latest update of the Italian Magnetic Map is now available, a fundamental tool for geophysical research and for air, sea and land navigation

THENational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), In collaboration with the 'Military Geographic Institute (IGM), published the2020.0 update of the Magnetic Card of Italy.
The Map, the result of a measurement campaign completed in 2022 on 72 points of the Italian Magnetic Network, consists of four maps that illustrate various parameters relating to the Earth's magnetic field on the ground in our country.
“The Earth's magnetic field is closely linked to the composition of the core and crustal part of our Planet”, explains Dominic DiMauro, researcher at INGV and co-author of the Charter. "Recording the magnetic field and its evolution over time provides important information for geophysical research, to better understand the geological structure and dynamics of the planet's interior, contributing to research in the field of mineralogy and volcanology. Additionally, updated magnetic declination information is a essential data for the air, sea and land navigation sector, essential for correcting orientation when magnetic devices are still used, such as compasses".
The maps just released by INGV and IGM were created using data collected with manual and instrumental surveys, which recorded the spatial and temporal variations of the Earth's magnetic field in 72 previously selected points.
"INGV has always played a key role in coordinating and actively participating in the measurement of the Earth's magnetic field in Italy through the monitoring of its temporal evolution, the study of its spatial variations and the management of Geomagnetic Observatories", he adds Guido Dominici, researcher at INGV and co-author of the Charter. “Since 1976, through the Finalized Geodynamic Project, ING (now INGV) has coordinated the work aimed at production of detailed cartography of the field elements and magnetic anomalies. This commitment has allowed the creation of constantly updated national maps, including this one".
“The publication of the Magnetic Map represents for us a result of great scientific importance, as well as testimony to the Institute's constant commitment to research and monitoring the Earth's magnetic field”he concludes Di Mauro.
The Magnetic Map of Italy is available in a box set containing the four maps and a booklet with further details and analysis.
To obtain the paper version you must contactMilitary Geographical Institute.
Click here for the digital version of the Magnetic Card of Italy 2020.0

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Magnetic Card of Italy brochureFigure: The cover of the brochure accompanying the Magnetic Map of Italy 2020.0