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Tuesday July 16 2024

Council room of the Municipality of Lacco Ameno

9 pm: 30


Next Tuesday 16 July, in the Council Room of the Municipality of Lacco Ameno (Ischia, NA), the public presentation of the first Hydrogeological Map of the Island of Ischia will be held, in the presence of Mayors of the island's municipalities and with the intervention of the land management authorities.

The new Charter, the result of the rigorous and accurate work of the experts of the Vesuvian Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV-OV) and of the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences (UniNA - DiSTAR) of University of Naples Federico II, represents one essential tool for understanding and managing the island's territory. 

The paper will be presented by the authors themselves, who they will illustrate the technical details and practical implications of their work.

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