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A new in-depth web section has been developed for earthquakes of volcanic origin that record a minimum Duration Magnitude (Md) of 3.0

The real-time information book is implemented that theVesuvius Observatory ofNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV-OV) makes available for the volcanoes of Campania.

Starting 1/07/2024 on the portal GOSSIP - Seismic events of the INGV-OV, the ground accelerations recorded by the instruments for the Campania volcanoes can be viewed.
The accelerations can be viewed through an urban and sub-urban scale shaking map created using the dense network of accelerometers installed in the area.

In the first release of the new system, data for the Campi Flegrei are available and, in subsequent updates, the peak acceleration data relating to Vesuvius and Ischia will also be visible online. 

The new pages dedicated are accessible from a dedicated link present on the events detail page of the portal GOSSIP - Seismic events.

In this first version the service is available for all events with a duration magnitude (Md) greater than or equal to 3.0.

This activity further integrates the detailed and timely information on earthquakes provided according to the current Communication Flows with the Department of Civil Protection (DPC) and all our communication channels towards the public (web and social).

Main features of the ground acceleration pages

  1. Summary table: information regarding the available and used stations is reported, with geographical position, epicentral distance, ground acceleration value.
  2. Pseudo-Spectral Analysis graphs: For sites where data is available, the page presents detailed graphs of thePseudo-spectral analysis, that is, information on the characteristics of seismic waves and the spectral responses of the ground
  3. Waveform graphs: For sites where data is available, the page presents an image showing the graphs of the waveforms of the sites involved in the analysis, only in the vertical component.
  4. Shake Map (ShakeMap): The page includes an (interactive) shaking map showing the spatial distribution of the earthquake's effects, representing an immediate visualization of the extent and severity of ground shaking in different areas affected by the seismic event. 

With the ShakeMaps of seismic events relating to volcanoes in Campania (already developed by INGV for earthquakes on the national territory greater than or equal to ML 3.0), the following are represented:

  • the intensities of ground movement, indicating how strong the ground shaking was in different locations. This intensity is expressed in terms of ground acceleration or shaking velocity.
  • the spatial distribution, that is, the geographical area that suffered the shaking, highlighting which areas suffered the strongest movements and which were less affected.
  • the intensity of the shaking, through a color scale that uses chromatic variations to differentiate the various shaking intensities. Darker or more intense colors represent stronger ground movements, while lighter colors indicate milder shaking. The color scale is always represented so that the maximum acceleration detected for the event is red, regardless of its value.

The data made available in real time on these new pages of the INGV-OV Gossip portal are the result of automatic procedures activated immediately after an earthquake. The results immediately produced could be subject to subsequent revisions by INGV scientific staff to improve the result published by the automatic system.

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