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As part of the Italian Presidency of the G7, a delegation of INGV experts will participate in the ministerial conference organized by MUR and the European Commission to address the improvement of the resilience of coastal communities to adverse climate events and the regeneration of biodiversity and marine ecosystems

The next will take place Thursday July 11 2024, in the spaces of Technopole of Bologna, G7 Science and Technology Ministerial Conference by Title “Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean Health and Coastal Resilience”.
The event, organized by Ministry of University and Research (MUR) in concert with the European Commission in the context of Italian presidency of the G7, will shine the spotlight on theme of health and resilience to extreme climate events in the coastal environments of the Mediterranean and Atlantic macro-region.
A delegation of experts fromNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) will attend the work of the G7 on Science: the Conference will have the objective of highlighting the progress made over the years on topics such as monitoring, restoration and regeneration of oceans, seas and coastal areas.
This will be the opportunity to illustrate to the audience of ministerial delegations from the G7 and Mediterranean countries the efforts made by the international scientific community in the development of innovative measures and solutions for the regeneration of marine biodiversity and ecosystemsas well as for the improving the resilience of coastal communities to sea level rise and adverse weather events such as storms and hurricanes.
“For INGV, participation in the G7 Science and Technology is a source of great pride and confirms the recognition of the Institute's commitment to contributing to the research and development of multidisciplinary solutions aimed at increasing the safety of the communities that populate the shores of the Mare Nostrum and to mitigate the risks associated with climate change, to which coastal populations are particularly exposed", declares Carlo Doglioni, President of INGV.
Following the meeting, Friday July 12, one is planned restricted meeting of the G7 working group 'Future of the Seas and the Oceans Initiative' (FSOI) on the topic “Marine Research Infrastructures integration and harmonization” proposed by the Italian Presidency.
Participation, in this case, will be limited to scientific experts appointed by the Research Ministries of the G7 countries and by the European Commission. Laura Beranzoli, Technologist Manager of INGV, will participate as an expert of the European Commission for the coordination of the sharing activity of marine research infrastructures within the framework of the European project 'Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership' (SBEP) coordinated by the MUR.
“With the focus of the G7-FSOI on the integration and harmonization of marine research infrastructures, and thanks to the role that the SBEP project is playing in sharing the infrastructures themselves, a path of cooperation is being followed under the Italian Presidency clear and structured because it is built on the common priorities of the Member States", declares Laura Beranzoli. “Together with two other expert colleagues, the French Laurent Mortier and the Irish Aodhan Fitzgerald, we will make our skills available to the G7 Science and Technology to contribute to a solid and shared strategy on marine research infrastructures”he concludes Beranzoli.

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