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Live an exclusive experience with the geoscientists who will accompany you to the Earth!

The event is part of the events of the first National Week of scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical disciplines (STEM), organized by the Ministry of Research and University from 4 to 11 February to encourage the acquisition of skills in the field of scientific subjects among the new generations,

Saturday February 10 the event not to be missed for everyone is at Roma and Herculaneum (NA) with theEXTRAORDINARY OPEN DAY of the Laboratories and Museum of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).

INGV opens its doors to the public 

> from 9.30 to 19.00 in Rome, in Via di Vigna Murata n. 605 

> dfrom 10:00 to 13:00 at the historic headquarters of the Vesuvian Observatory of the INGV (INGV-OV) on Vesuvius

As a large telescope pointed towards the heart of the Earth, the charm of volcanoes, the mysteries of terrestrial magnetism, the 'greedy' science laboratories and the mystery of earthquakes will take you to see a wonderful world: our planet!

Guided visits to the offices, meetings with researchers and educational tours will accompany you in the beating heart of INGV.
Exclusively it will be possible to visit in Rome the Operations Room for seismic monitoring and tsunami warning, where you can see the entire national territory and that of the Mediterranean area, with an unforgettable glance. 

At the Historical Headquarters of the Vesuvian Observatory, however, visitors will be accompanied in the oldest volcanological observatory in the world, discovering the monitoring of Neapolitan volcanoes.

A unique place in Italy where the most advanced technology is at the service of citizens

Follow us to discover all the events waiting for you on Saturday 10 February 2024!

Click here for the program of the day at the INGV headquarters in Rome

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