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Great turnout at the stand of the BigData Association, of which the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) is a founding member, in the two High Tech events that were held in recent weeks in Bologna: We Make Future, the International Fair and Innovation Festival: AI, Tech and Digital and R2B, Research to Business, the international exhibition of research and high skills for innovation.

In We Make Future, aimed above all at an audience of young and very young people as an accelerator of culture, training and innovation, the BigData Association screened fascinating videos on the use of high performance computing, created by INGV in geophysical research with the objective of making our activities in the fields of computational technological innovation known to young people interested in new information technologies. 

In R2B, Research to Business, which is aimed at an audience of professionals from the corporate world and institutions that deal with services to citizens, the use of new information technologies in the field of geosciences has aroused appreciation and interest in a field application unknown to many.



Photo 1 - Sanzio Bassini, Director of the Supercomputing Applications and Innovation Department of the CINECA inter-university consortium and President of ABD, holds a presentation on the computing infrastructure in Europe


Photo 2 - Francesca Quareni, INGV and Benedetta Giadrossi, ABD, at the WMF salon.