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INGV strengthens its global ionospheric monitoring network with a new installation at the Military Institute of Science and Technology in Dhaka. The agreement with the Bangladeshi Institute opens new perspectives for research and cooperation in the field of Space Weather

The "Physics of the upper atmosphere and radio propagation" research group ofNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) recently installed an ionospheric monitoring station at the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) of Dacca, Bangladesh. This important step further strengthens INGV's ionospheric research and monitoring infrastructure, extending the institution's global observation capabilities.
MIST, a top-tier public university affiliated to the Ministry of Defense of Bangladesh, is recognized for its excellence in engineering and technological research. The collaboration between INGV and MIST, sanctioned through an official agreement, not only involves the installation of sophisticated scientific equipment and the sharing of collected data, but also the development of common projects in the field of ionospheric physics and space meteorology (Space Weather), joining joint research programs and organizing educational and scientific dissemination activities.
The ionospheric monitoring station inaugurated at MIST is equipped with a receiver GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) cutting-edge, capable of providing data in near real time. This data is crucial for the study and monitoring of ionospheric irregularities and disturbances that can affect GNSS signals, fundamental to the operation of many modern technological systems.
Currently, the eSWua network of the INGV includes approximately thirty similar installations, distributed throughout the world. This global network, made possible thanks to international collaborations such as the one with MIST, allows INGV to excel both in ionospheric scientific research and in the development of operational services vital to civil society.
The inauguration of the station at MIST gained wide coverage in the national news and media of Bangladesh. The event was celebrated with ceremonies and informative seminars which saw the participation of government representatives and the main national agencies involved in space technologies.
ionosphere station 1Photo 1: Final shot of the work with researchers and local authoritiesionosphere station 2Photo 2: Inaugural ribbon cutting