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The purchaser is part of the technological development carried out by INGV, also through the design and development of innovative instrumentation home-made of INGV called GAIA (Geophysical All Inclusive Acquisitor). It is a 24-bit digital data logger suitable for acquiring velocimetric and accelerometric signals. It is currently installed on over half of the sites of the entire National Seismic Network: this has allowed, over the years, the rapid conversion of the INGV Seismic Network from analogue to digital.

Over time, various versions of GAIA have been produced up to the last one, called GAIAIV.

All the prototypes were made and numerous functional tests were carried out in the INGV Geophysical and Seismometric Instrumentation Laboratory, thanks to a series of instruments such as oscilloscopes, waveform generators, logic state analysers, microscopes and indispensable soldering stations in order to carry out accurate measurements and possibly make changes to the project.