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The instrumental networks are the basis of the system designed and developed over the years by INGV to study and understand the evolution of the Earth and its dynamics. These multidisciplinary infrastructures are aimed at monitoring and observing phenomena and constitute the main resource of the INGV scientific community for research in the Geosciences and for promoting scientific and technological innovation. The data from all the networks currently managed by INGV make it possible to monitor and monitor seismic and volcanic activity in real time throughout the national territory and in the Mediterranean. It is precisely the dual task of research and surveillance that makes the infrastructural assets managed by INGV unique, which pursues the objective of knowing and understanding natural processes and responding to society with ever greater promptness, clarity and effectiveness.

National Seismic Network (RSN)

Mobile Seismic Network

MedNet Mediterranean Network  


National Integrated GPS Permanent Geodetic Network (RING)

Multiparameter networks of active volcanoes in Sicily

Multiparameter networks of active volcanoes in Campania

Radon Network (IRON)

National Magnetic Network

Ionospheric scintillation monitoring network.

Measurement networks of electromagnetic fields ULF-ELF-VLF