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Electron Microprobe LaboratoryThe Electron Microprobe Laboratory is equipped with JEOL JXA-8200 electron microprobe, with five wavelength dispersive spectrometers (12 crystals), an energy dispersive spectrometer and transmission illuminator.

The instrument is designed to measure qualitatively composition of a solid polished material on a microscale with high precision (less then percent relative for major constituents) and low detection limits (commonly a few tens to few hundreds ppm). Sample of interest can be as small as a few microns across. Built on the basis of scanning electron microscope it has all the capabilities of SEM too.

In particular it provides:

  • Quantitative chemical analyzes (detection limit is commonly at the level of a few hundreds ppm).
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative EDX express analysis allowing to identify phase and estimate its composition in less than a minute.

Imaging capabilities in:

  • secondary electrons (SEI)
  • back scattered electrons (BSE = COMPO and TOPO)
  • transmitted light under the optical microscope (OMT)
  • characteristic X-ray elemental distribution maps



Spectrometer configuration:

Spectrometer configuration