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The scientific computing and IT systems infrastructure is one of the main technological tools available within the Institute to support all its activities. In fact, it includes the skills necessary for the design, management and development of the IT systems necessary for:

  1. basic IT services and connectivity both inside and outside the Institute;

  2. the preservation, updating and accessibility of the databases produced by the Monitoring and Observation Networks and by the Analytical Laboratories;

  3. the development and operation of High Performance Computing (HPC) systems for numerical simulations and data analysis, both for research activities and in support of service activities.

  4. the development, updating and maintenance of specialized HPC software for geophysical and volcanological research and for surveillance and monitoring services.

The infrastructure also takes care of:

  1. promote, within INGV, the use of new hardware, software and middleware technologies for the calculation, storage, analysis and visualization of scientific data;

  2. promote European Open Science policies, through the adoption of open-source approaches, staff training, sharing of experiences and skills in the HPC and Big Data fields;

  3. promote INGV's participation in national and European research programs in the HPC and Big Data fields and facilitate interaction with large computing centers in the PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) field;

  4. promote and develop collaborations with national and European data centers and with commercial providers of cloud computing services, also through the signing of contracts or agreements, to ensure on-demand access to large-scale computing resources.