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An international space for discussion on geoethics and social geosciences, open to free access and non-profit, open to contributions from those working in the geosciences sector, but also from the human and social sciences, in a multidisciplinary perspective. We are talking about the "Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences" of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. To find out more, we interviewed Silvia Peppoloni, INGV researcher and director of the magazine, who explained to us the importance of geoethics, an emerging field of geosciences of which she has been defined as the founder.

Silvia, why is it necessary and urgent to address the topics of interest of the geosciences from new perspectives that include ethical considerations?

earth tellsGeosciences address numerous topics, including defense against natural risks, research and use of georesources, the study of climate change, water, soil and air pollution. These are areas that have direct repercussions on social structures, economic processes and people's lives themselves. For this reason, considering the ethical, social and political repercussions of geoscience research and practice means facing the global challenges of our time from new perspectives.

What is the objective of this new magazine to be?

Geoethics, social geosciences, professional ethics and research integrity, geoscientific education and communication, analysis of the interactions between geosciences, society and politics are fields of study at the intersection of geosciences, philosophy, sociology, economics. Their effective integration guarantees fundamental support for finding solutions to global anthropogenic changes that threaten the quality of life of present and future generations.

More and more scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds are dedicating themselves to basic and applied research on geoethics and social geosciences, with a growing publishing production of books and articles. And yet, until now, there was no scientific journal entirely dedicated to studying these topics in a broad and organic perspective, which set out to become a qualified international point of reference for the geoscience community and beyond, where to collect ideas reflections and suggestions.

Filling this gap is the goal of this journal, which INGV has promoted and supported, a new open access journal, with no publication costs for both authors and readers.

What topics are addressed in the Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences?

Among the topics covered, ample space will be dedicated to the responsible management of georesources and the role of geosciences in achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals, to the ethical and social aspects linked to natural and anthropogenic risks and to global and local changes in social systems -ecological (including climate change and pollution), the ethical, social and cultural relevance of geological heritage and geodiversity, the educational and communication aspects of geosciences, but also the philosophy of geosciences, the history of geological and environmental thought , issues related to the geoscience-society-policy interface or issues of research integrity and data cycle management, as well as issues relating to the professional working environment, with a focus on inclusiveness, diversity and equity.

The multidisciplinarity of the contributions will serve to guarantee the plurality of points of view necessary to face complex problems such as those that are threatening the quality of human life and the environment, the possibility of social and economic development for future generations, the global geopolitical balance.

What are the characteristics of the magazine?

earth tells1The magazine is in English and employs an international team of experts, with backgrounds in scientific, social and humanistic disciplines. Each submitted article will undergo a rigorous peer review process, which will ensure the quality of the content. The magazine does not have predefined columns or sections, as the contents will be determined on the basis of the proposals that will arrive. But publications of special issues on specific topics of interest will also be considered.

Finally, the journal is also supported by the International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG: https://www.geoethics.org), the leading international organization in the dissemination of geoethics, whose headquarters are hosted at the INGV.

Finally, where is it possible to consult the Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences?

The Journal is available at the following link:

https://www.journalofgeoethics.eu/, where you can find all the information relating to the contents and methods of submitting scientific articles.