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Volcano Info Center

Stromboli information centresStromboli Info Center

Stromboli volcano information centers 011PHOTO4: -Visitors Hall- INGV “M. Carapezza” of Vulcano

Stromboli volcano information centers 012Photo5: In the foreground, the university students selected in 2019 for the scientific dissemination activities of the Information Centers, at the DPC/INGV training course organized at the National Department of Civil Protection.

INGV, in addition to carrying out the surveillance service of the active volcanoes present in the Aeolian archipelago, it manages the Information Centers of Volcanology of the islands of Vulcano and Stromboli. The function of the two Centers is twofold: to provide logistical support for monitoring and research activities and, in the summer period, to guarantee visitors correct scientific information on the volcanism of the Aeolian Islands and the risk associated with it, in specially designed and set up rooms .  

The periods of opening to the public (beginning of July - beginning of October) are supported by the presence of university students belonging to the Departments of Earth Sciences of various Italian universities. The students taking part in the initiative are assisted by experts from INGV or from the universities involved whose task is essentially to organize their activities in the Visitor Room and offer support of knowledge and experience on the current state of the volcano. This activity has a high cultural value and represents an excellent opportunity for training and growth in volcanological knowledge for the university students involved.

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