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Transversal thematic banners

These topics are characterized by research activities that range over typically multidisciplinary topics involving personnel and transversal skills of the three Departments. These issues are classified and briefly described as:


This is an intrinsically multidisciplinary issue. It includes both a preparatory investigation for the identification and characterization of georesources (such as, for example, the cultivation of hydrocarbons, the production of geothermal energy, the storage of natural gas and CO2) and an estimate of the impact of the exploitation of the subsoil on the environment natural, with particular attention (for the environmental part) to the possible evolution of the reservoirs involved in the extraction/injection of fluids and to the pollution caused by harmful substances released by the plants into the atmosphere and into the subsoil.

Reconstruction and modeling of the crustal structure

The activity of researchers and technologists in this field includes studies aimed at the reconstruction of the crustal structure, at different scales and with different data and methodologies. This theme mainly makes use of ad hoc surveys and prospecting used to model the crustal structure at different depths with different purposes and applications.