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Aerial view of the Vesuvius crater. In the background, the inner wall of the Mount Somma caldera, and in the background the partially urbanized circum-Vesuvian territory. The products (slag and lava) that make up the apical part of the cone of Vesuvius, visible in the photograph, represent only the last 120 years or so of eruptive history


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Simplified structure of a volcanic apparatus: starting from the chamber that contains it, in crustal or sub-crustal horizons, and up to its leakage onto the earth's surface in an effusive or explosive manner, magma can give rise to a very wide range of physical and chemical processes. They are studied through various methods and approaches which, taken together, constitute volcanological research in Italy and in the world (Image by the INGV graphic laboratory – Rome)

The Volcanoes Department conducts its research on six different thematic areas, the description of which is given in the links below. The thematic areas identified are all characterized by a multidisciplinary and unifying imprint with respect to the different survey methodologies used in the research. At the same time these thematic areas are complementary and functional to each other, with the aim of describing volcanic processes (physical and chemical) in their entirety and in the most quantitative, coherent and complete way possible.

Two transversal themes are added to the strictly volcanological themes, ie common to the three Departments called: i) Reconstruction and modeling of the crustal structure and ii) Studies for georesources.

Eruptive history

Structure and power system of volcanoes

Physico-chemical properties of magmas and volcanic products

Pre-eruptive processes

Eruptive and post-eruptive processes

Volcanic hazard and contributions to risk estimation

A seventh line of activity is represented by research, studies and overall actions aimed at minimizing natural hazards, promoting the growth of volcanological knowledge, promoting a safer and more harmonious development between volcanically active environments and the citizens who inhabit them: “Services and Research for the Society"

Active volcanoes in Italy