Immagine Foto Agithar 2022Starting today the three-day AGITHAR's meeting in Màlaga University - Conference room of University of Màlaga
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Sala Conferenze Malaga 1 Italy

Today, June 27, 2022, the annual meeting of AGITHAR (Accelerating Global science In Tsunami Hazard and Risk analysis) has started. The three-day meeting is taking place at the Málaga University, Spain

AGITHAR promotes discussion and development of tsunami research by facilitating the collaboration of experts from different European research centers studying the phenomenon, its hazard and risk.

The main objectives of AGITHAR include

  • Assessing the approaches currently in use for tsunami hazard and risk analysis.
  • Identifying gaps in scientific knowledge, methodological approaches, and tools for the various tsunamigenic sources: earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and meteo-tsunamis, turning them into challenges to guide future research.
  • Promoting interaction among experts to implement "best practices and standards" for the probabilistic study of tsunami hazard and risk.
  • Disseminate to stakeholders and to the public the knowledge gained to mitigate tsunami risk.

Some INGV-CAT (Tsunami Alert Center) researchers are part of the AGITHAR research team and share the knowledge and tools they have to achieve the goals of the project.